Saturday, 14 September 2019

Report to CHQ and Start preparations for 2nd Phase!

Congratulations to All States and Districts / Divisions!

Successful Holding of I Phase of AIPRPA CHQ Programme reported from many States!

AIPRPA CHQ Congratulates the States and District / Divisional Associations for holding the First Phase of Demonstrations and submission of Memorandum to Hon’ble Prime Minister through the SSPOs / SSRMs on 13.09.2019. Reports and Photographs of both the Demonstrations and Submission of Memorandum to SSPOs/SSRMs will be published in the next issue of Pensioners Post. CHQ thanks for all those who have sent the report and photos in whatsapp and Email. Those States / Districts who are yet to send the photos and report are immediately requested to email to CHQ. If any State / District have not implemented the programme First Phase, they are requested to report the reason for  non-implementation to CHQ.

Initiate full preparations for 2nd Phase

Fix appointments with your Members of Parliament immediatetly between 15.09.2019 to 30.09.2019!

CHQ requests all to take all efforts to meet the respective Member of Parliament of their constituencies as a Delegation and request them to intervene in Parliament / with Government. Kindly hand over a copy of our Memorandum to Prime Minister to the Members of Parliament. Do not forget to send the photos of our meeting the Honourable Members of Parliament to the CHQ for publication. This is a very important step in highlighting our sectional issues. Please attach much importance to the 2nd Phase.

K.Ragavendran General Secretary AIPRPA

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