Sunday, 8 September 2019

Let us proceed to Jaipur NCCPA AIC within our entitlement!

NCCPA 4th AIC at Jaipur on: 1-2 November 

Accommodation feasible only for Delegates in Jaipur!

Visitors cannot be entertained by the Reception Committee and NCCPA CHQ!

Actual number entitled to each affiliate will be circulated shortly by SG NCCPA - We have to restrict our AIPRPA participation within that numbers!

All State General Secretaries of AIPRPA to kindly note this new situation and strictly avoid visitors!

Only those visitors who can arrange their own accommodation and food can attend the AIC without paying Delegates fee.

CHQ regrets inconvenience caused by our earlier circulars as the current position is due to unavoidable limitations of reception committee. The Reception Committee also not in a position to book hotel rooms and arrange for sight seeing of Rajasthan due to advancing age of office bearers.

Comrades who will feel uncomfortable are kindly requested to cancel their train reservations.

After SG NCCPA communication, we will inform and guide about correct number of our participation.

CHQ will update this information shortly - KR GS AIPRPA

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