Saturday 14 September 2019

TUI Call - Observe Effectively!

1.10.2019 – International Pensioners Day
Trade Union International (Pensioners & Retired) has called for yearly observance of 1st October as the ‘International Pensioners Day’.
The slogan it has coined for this Programme is “Decent Life for Pensioners including Food, Transport and Housing”

The States / Districts / Divisions are requested to observe this programme very effectively by joining hands with all other Pensioners Associations by talking to them immediately and planning to hold the programme on 1.10.2019. Talk to NCCPA /AIBDPA / ITPF and other CGPA Associations and hold the programme jointly. NCCPA also issued the call for observance of the programme.
Hold Mass Meetings of Pensioners / Mass Rallies / Mass Demonstrations in common places and observe the programme jointly with NCCPA/AIBDPA/other CGPA organizations and also with Pensioners Associations of State Government/ EB/Teachers etc if you are part of such COCs as in Tamilnadu. There may be such joint pensioners bodies in some other states also.
Action is being taken to talk with leaders of COC of Centre, State Government and PSU Pensioners Associations in Tamilnadu State for jointly holding the programme in all District Headquarters.
All are requested to send reports of observance of this Programme of International Pensioners Day on 1.10..2019 immediately after observing the Second Phase of AIPRPA CHQ Programme of Action.

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