Thursday, 26 September 2019

At the call of CHQ and TUI!

AIPRPA CHQ calls upon our Pensioners Associations to 
observe the following 4 Programmes effectively! 

1. Complete the 2nd Phase of Programme by 30th September and meet Members of Parliament!

2. Hold International Pensioners Day at the call of TUI (P&R) on 1.10.2019 jointly with other pensioners unions!

3. Celebrate 74th Anniversary of WFTU on 3.10.2019!

4. Prepare in full swing for 3rd phase Programme of half a day Dharna on 15.10.2019. Incidentally, Confederation of CG Employees also holding its Dharna Programme on 15th. Join with Confederation and hold Dharna unitedly wherever feasible! In other places hold independently!

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